Admissions & Financial Aid

You might make a good pilot if…

One of our missions at LIFT Academy is to help more people understand that becoming a commercial airline pilot is more attainable than they might think. To those out there who have always had that dream, we say “Come on in!” But to those who never thought they could achieve this goal, here are just a few things to consider.

  • You don’t have to have natural 20/20 vision to be a pilot
  • You can qualify for flight school with a high school diploma
  • It’s a high-demand career field
  • Pilots are people of all genders, ages and races

We’re looking for explorers and leaders from all walks of life: high school and college grads, former military, career changers, men and women. If you have the skill and the will, we can’t wait to meet you!

Getting admitted to LIFT

It’s easy to apply. To get started, just click the Apply Now button. From there, you’ll be able to create a profile to submit the initial application form. Based on the information you supply, if we determine you are a qualified candidate we’ll invite you to an in-person interview and COMPASS aptitude assessment in Indianapolis, Indiana.

COMPASS consists of tests that have been developed to evaluate the key aptitude areas for being a pilot. The test assesses skills such as multitasking, spatial awareness, memory capacity, hand-to-eye coordination, mental arithmetic, verbal reasoning and understanding of physics.

After the in-person interview and testing, if accepted, we’ll mail you an Acceptance Packet and assign you to your first day of class.

Some basic info on tuition and financial assistance

While the actual cost of attending LIFT Academy is $85,000, LIFT students will benefit from Republic subsidizing LIFT training by $20,000, bringing the cost of tuition to $65,000. This tuition is less than other pilot training programs and far less expensive than many four-year degrees (it generally takes three years or less to become a commercial airline pilot). This subsidy is one way we are making the pilot pathway more affordable and accessible.

Republic will offer financing and a loan assistance program of up to $15,000. Loan assistance begins when a student achieves Certificated Flight Instructor status and continues when he or she becomes a First Officer at Republic. If the former student remains employed at Republic as a pilot for a period of five years, this loan assistance does not need to be repaid.

More information on tuition, financing and loan assistance will be made available at the time a student is accepted into LIFT.


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