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#ExploringWanted Indiana Parks!

See what Indiana parks are our favorites and learn more about #ExploringWanted!

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Meet Nick!

Meet Nick, a new LIFT CFI. Nick Always knew he wanted to be an aviator, but had to put this dream on hold so he could pursue another: being a professional ski jumper. Now that Nick is training students as a CFI, he loves getting to fly every day he works!

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Meet Krista!

Meet Krista, a LIFT student going through training for her commercial pilot certificate. Krista had an exciting career before coming to LIFT Academy, but she set her sights higher—literally! She was a film producer, director and editor as well as a flight attendant for Republic Airways.

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Meet Noah!

Meet Noah, a LIFT CFI! Noah came to LIFT directly out of high school because he knew he wanted to be a commercial airline pilot. Noah trains several students that are older than he is!

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Meet Phil!

Meet Phil, one of our students working on his private license at LIFT. Phil came to LIFT after majoring in music in college. Phil figured out his current career wasn't the right fit for him so he decided to make the jump to becoming a pilot.

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