The Dispatch
Ready To Start Your Flight Training? Study These 10 Things Before Your First Lesson*

So you think you are ready to start flight training? Take a look at the content we recommend you study before you start flight training!

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Ready to see what it will be like for you once you start at LIFT? We will be sharing a weekly post on the blog with ways to prepare for your first day!

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Maintenance spotlight: International Women’s Month

Get to know Mariah and Christy, two women working with our Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Apprenticeship program. Mariah is a licensed A & P Technician and Christy is a former flight attendant going through the AMT apprenticeship program. Learn more about their experiences at LIFT!

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Student spotlight: International Women’s Month

Get to know Courtney Grieg, Amber Murphy and Sarah Hayward, three of our female students at LIFT Academy. Each one is at a different point in their training. See how the many faces of LIFT make it such a great, diverse place to study and learn.

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Dana Donati gives testimony for part 147 curriculum in Washington D.C.

LIFT Academy's General Manager and Director of Academic Programs went to Washington D.C. in early February this year to testify in front of the U.S. House Subcommittee on Aviation about part 147 curriculum.

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