Throughout February, we’ve celebrated Black History Month by highlighting the men and women we see making a critical impact each and every day. We’re proud to be able to look to our own students and airline pilots who are breaking down barriers and serving as role models for future Black aviators. We hosted conversations between our students and professional airline pilots to share their various experiences as Black pilots in the aviation industry. Click to see the conversation between Courtland Savage, founder of Fly For The Culture and First Officer, and LIFT Academy commercial student Josh Palacios.

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A lot has changed since last year at this time, including the way we’re able to meet and recruit prospective students into LIFT. While we certainly miss bringing our LIFT Lab to airshows, schools and community events to interact and engage with you in person, we’re as accessible now in the virtual world more than ever before. And we’re here and ready to help you take your next important steps to achieving your dream to start flying! 

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To celebrate Black History Month, Republic Airways has showcased their Associates’ black-owned businesses, highlighting the fact that aviation often offers flexibility to pursue passions beyond the sky! Many people in the aviation industry have an entrepreneurial spirit and are involved in their local communities or begin businesses they can manage on the side. Interested in supporting them or learning more about their businesses? Continue reading below! 

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As college decisions continue to be released this winter and spring, we wanted to remind you that LIFT Academy has a great college pathway program through Vincennes University. We’re sure all the buzz among students is where they’re heading next to continue their education or pursue their professional goals. We hope for some, that next step may be training to become an aviation professional. There’s no better program for pilots or maintenance technicians than what we offer at LIFT Academy, and now students have the option to pair that training with an Associate degree at VU. Continue reading below for more information about the partnership program!

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Flight training takes a lot of work and can be expensive. At LIFT Academy, our mission is to make flight training affordable and accessible to those who dream to become pilots. Even though COVID-19 disrupted the airlines in 2020, the demand for pilots will return and will be just as large and maybe even more urgent than before, so it will be worth the investment. And there are countless scholarships available for flight training to help make it more affordable. This resource shares some notable scholarships to consider as well as provides tips to consider while searching and applying for scholarships.

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We have answers. Check out our FAQs for more information about LIFT Academy, or email us at explore@flywithlift.com.