Pursue Two Dreams at Once

Now You Don’t Have to Choose

LIFT Academy offers a collegiate program that allows aviation enthusiasts to accomplish two goals simultaneously: earning a college degree and becoming a pilot.

  • Obtain your flight ratings through training at LIFT
  • At the same time, take college classes and earn an Associate degree in aviation
  • Upon earning an Associate degree, graduates can earn their CFI and CFII ratings at LIFT for no extra cost
  • Graduates will have direct flow for a job as a pilot with Republic Airways
  • This program is only available for students starting at private pilot license or instrument rating

Your Future Is an Application Away

To apply for the LIFT Academy collegiate partnership program:

  1. Apply online to LIFT Academy
  2. Upon receiving communication from LIFT Admissions, share your interest in the collegiate partnership program and additional information will be provided for enrollment
  3. LIFT application includes an in-person interview and potentially a pilot aptitude test
  4. Review LIFT applicant requirements

A Partnership of Innovators

Both LIFT Academy and its collegiate partners are known for their innovation and leadership. By embracing a philosophy of making education achievable and accessible, as well as creating a diverse community, students are encouraged to pursue their dreams in a collaborative, positive environment.

Have questions regarding the collegiate partnership program application process? Email explore@flywithlift.com.


We have answers. Check out our FAQs for more information about LIFT Academy, or email us at explore@flywithlift.com.