Pilots do not need a college degree to fly at regional airlines and some mainline airlines.

At LIFT Academy, Tuition varies depending on what program you are in and what rating you start at. If you start at Private in the Republic Airways Career Pathway Program, LIFT Academy costs $90,000. Republic offers a $15,000 subsidy making training $75,000. Once you have graduated the program, Republic offers an additional $15,000 in tuition reimbursement to go towards paying off your loans, making the cost of LIFT Academy $60,000.

Being a pilot is an in demand career. Some of the benefits from the pilot contract at Republic include: First Officer starting rate of $90/hour with 75-hour monthly minimum, 12 days minimum guaranteed off each month, eight paid holidays, including Super Bowl Sunday, 10 different crew bases to choose from to offer the best commuter options and optimize time at home, no junior manning and 100% deadhead pay.

Flight ratings can be earned in as little as 18 months. After graduation, LIFT students may choose between gaining valuable pilot in command time as either a Certificated Flight Instructor or following our Commercial Pilot path and flying passengers with Part 135 airlines, which are completed in between 18 to 24 months.

First Officers at Republic Airways start out earning $90/hour, and receive raises each year until they hit the cap of $224 as a Captain.

Training is done in a classroom or an airplane, with the majority of lessons ending at Indianapolis International Airport. Minimal, if any, travel is required, other than to and from the LIFT training site.

The flight program is not conducive to a full time job. If you must work, a flexible part-time job is necessary to ensure you can complete five days a week of flying, self or group study each day and ground school.

Students must be available at least five days per week and up to seven. Students are expected to prepare for each lesson and complete self-study guides.