Being a pilot is an in demand career. Some of the benefits from the pilot contract at Republic include: First Officer starting rate of $90/hour with 75-hour monthly minimum, 12 days minimum guaranteed off each month, eight paid holidays, including Super Bowl Sunday, 10 different crew bases to choose from to offer the best commuter options and optimize time at home, no junior manning and 100% deadhead pay.

LIFT student training is in person but a majority of the coursework is self-study. Students will fly out of IND 5 days a week through graduation and if they choose the CFI route, until they complete their pilot in command time building experience. Typically this is around two and a half to three years, start to finish.

Republic Airways’ crew bases are in major cities in the eastern United States, including: Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, Newark, New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Washington D.C.

Keep in mind that training at LIFT Academy is a full time commitment. If you must work, a flexible part-time job is necessary to ensure it does not interfere with their fight training schedule (which includes 5 days of flying and ground school each week and daily studying).

Those who complete the Republic Airways Career Pathway Program have a defined pathway to a job at Republic Airways as a First Officer.