About LIFT Academy’s Training Fleet

About LIFT Academy’s Training Fleet


Flight training isn’t just about signing up and learning the ropes. It’s about finding a school with the technology fit to set you up for success. LIFT Academy, a flight training school owned by Republic Airways Holdings Inc., is a prime example. It offers trainer aircraft and a variety of simulation equipment to match each stage of a pilot’s growth through the program.



From simulators to actual aircraft, LIFT Academy offers the latest technology to students. From the beginning, LIFT students initiate training on Aviation Advanced Training Devices from Diamond Simulation and Frasca International. Plus, devices such as Vertex Solutions immerse students in the virtual reality curriculum. Our fleet of Diamond Aircraft provides in-flight training — preparing students to handle the most advanced aircraft around once they begin their piloting careers.



Many of these aircraft simulators feature 180-degree wraparound visual displays, a full cockpit with working canopy, authentic Garmin G1000 avionics packages and accurate control loading. The “muscle memory” that pilots develop in these simulators can be easily applied to their flight lessons in the aircraft.


These Flight Simulation Training Devices allow students to achieve realistic, real-world experience via a simulation environment — making it an easy transition from training to flight deck.


The technological benefits at LIFT Academy don’t end with the type of aircraft or simulator. Other, seemingly smaller mechanics help create a more impactful, immersive and well-rounded training experience. Here is some of the technology responsible for that:


  • All LIFT aircraft use the Garmin G1000 suite. This program provides pilots with flight-critical information from weather to terrain and traffic, and more.


  • All LIFT students receive their own Apple iPad and Apple Pencil in their LIFT kit to aid them in the classroom setting. They are also provided with a Bose A20 Aviation headset — noise reduction technology made specifically for pilots.


  • The LIFT Lab is a mobile flight simulator built to educate and inspire aspiring aviators with the use of Dell Technologies — promoting innovative educational experiences.



LIFT Academy students train in a fleet of 60+ Diamond trainer aircraft. This includes the DA40 single-engine and DA42 twin-engine aircraft.


Using these aircraft introduces eco-friendly training technologies and systems to commercial aviation training. According to Diamond Aircraft, their Austro Engine burns about 50% less fuel at equal power, and produces less exhaust. Thanks to the high-definition display screens, models like the Diamond DA40 enhance situational awareness of pilots by providing key data — including maps, navigation and engine information — at your fingertips. Making the technology offered at LIFT Academy a standout amongst competitors.


Get ready to hop on board state-of-the-art technology and begin your piloting journey by visiting flywithlift.com.