Hand using an iPad at LIFT Academy

Flight School vs College: You Can Do Both at LIFT Academy

Do you have your private pilot license and dream of flying for a commercial airline? Have you ever weighed whether you should go to flight school or get a college degree? At LIFT Academy, we offer various routes for students pursuing a career in aviation. Through the LIFT Academy Program, students receive state-of-the-art flight training and a defined pathway to Republic Airways.  

LIFT Academy has partnered with Purdue Global to advance the education opportunities available to rising commercial airline pilots at LIFT Academy. This new and unique partnership will allow students to earn college credits from Purdue Global that go toward a bachelor’s degree in professional flight as they complete all five flight certifications and ratings including private pilot certification, instrument rating, commercial pilot certification, certified flight instructor and multi-engine flight rating.  

The curriculum is specifically designed to be flexible, providing students with the ability to adapt their study schedules around obtaining flight hours. The program will allow students to graduate in less than 3 years and complete their flight training. Once students have completed their flight training, they will continue building flight hours working as a Certificated Flight Instructor or gaining experience as a First Officer at Cape Air. 

LIFT Academy has various collegiate partnerships that allow students to receive a college degree in aviation while training to become airline pilots at Republic Airways. In addition to Purdue Global, LIFT Academy also partners with Indiana Wesleyan and Ivy Tech to give students interested in becoming pilots the opportunity to also gain the skills and knowledge necessary to have a successful career in aviation.  

If you are interested in a career in aviation, LIFT Academy has numerous partnerships to get you to your dream destination. If you would like to learn even more about the various collegiate opportunities available to you through the LIFT Academy program, visit the Collegiate Partnership program page on our website. Take our Flight Training Readiness quiz and start your flight training today!