Becoming a Commercial Airline Pilot

LIFT Students Become Republic Pilots

With the Republic Airways Career Pathway Program, LIFT Academy students follow a dedicated path to becoming commercial Pilots. But what does that mean to someone just starting out in the aviation industry?

The Right Choice

“It’s common knowledge that Republic is one of the best regional airlines. I’m proud to tell people I fly with Republic,” says First Officer and former LIFT student Sarah Caldwell. “There’s a high standard here.”

One thing that set Republic apart for Sarah was location. “Most mainlines only have bases in some of the most expensive places in the country. At Republic, I got to stay in Indianapolis and I don’t have to commute. I used to be a flight attendant and I commuted. It is not fun.” And with ten bases across the Northwest Corridor, Republic Airways has plenty of options that you can call home.

The Right Support

A career in aviation can be challenging. But at Republic Airways, you’re never flying alone. “People don’t perform well when you think the person next to them isn’t supportive,” Sarah mentioned. “But every captain has been so helpful, and I have learned a lot from each captain I’ve flown with.”

“Our crews are a small unit, so when we fly it feels like family,” Sarah said. “Everyone lays over together, everyone looks out for each other.”

And that support doesn’t just come from the crew. Sarah even stayed in touch with an instructor throughout her flight training program and was able to catch up with him at Republic’s new campus headquarters outside of Indianapolis.

The Right Gear

It wasn’t just the Republic culture that stood out to Sarah. It was also the plane. “I really like the Embraer. It’s a reliable aircraft. It’s sophisticated. It has a great safety record.” When it comes to regional aircraft, the Republic Airways’ 200 Embraer 170/175s are the best and largest fleet in the business.

And keeping those planes running safely is always a priority at Republic. Safety at Republic Airways is more than a goal or a metric that is benchmarked. “It’s the same as it is at LIFT,” Sarah pointed out. “Safety is a priority, 100 percent.”

Want to land at Republic? Take off with LIFT. You can learn more about becoming a commercial Pilot and apply today at