New Pilot Contract Ratified at Republic

In early October of this year, Republic and the Teamsters Local 357 union, representing Republic’s pilots, ratified a new 5-year pilot contract. The contract outlines terms for our pilots to achieve the best work/life balance possible.  This industry-leading contract recognizes the hard work of our pilots and the critical role they play in ensuring top levels of safety and service for every Republic flight.

While it may feel far in the future for most, this contract outlines what LIFT students can expect once they graduate from LIFT, complete their pilot-in-command time and on-board at Republic. Students who attend LIFT Academy make a 5-year commitment to fly at Republic Airways. Some of the benefits include:

  • First Officer starting rate of $90/hour with 75-hour monthly minimum
  • 12 days minimum guaranteed off each month
  • Eight paid holidays, including Super Bowl Sunday
  • 10 different crew bases to choose from to offer the best commuter options and optimize time at home
  • No junior manning
  • 100% deadhead pay
  • During initial training, there is an option to learn from home with Ethos-based training

Additionally, once they hit 850 Part-121 SIC hours and bid for an upgrade, our pilots may receive Captain pay, which starts at $140/hour.

LIFT Academy offers students a defined pathway to become a First Officer at Republic Airways. Learn more about the LIFT Academy Career Pathway Program and apply here.