Robyn Ambrose Awarded LIFT Academy Aviation Scholarship At The 2023 Women in Aviation International Conference

Each year at the Women in Aviation International Conference, LIFT Academy takes the time to reflect on and celebrate the female aviators of the world, including our very own LIFT Academy Aviation Scholarship recipient for this year, Robyn Ambrose. Robyn reflects on her dream of becoming an airline pilot and the experiences she has had thus far, leading up to her receiving this scholarship. 

For as long as she can remember, Robyn has dreamt about becoming a pilot. She has always loved flying and being around planes at the airport, fascinated by the hustle and bustle of the travel experience. Before starting flight school, Robyn pursued a career in psychology but felt a sense of unfulfillment. After taking a discovery flight, Robyn caught the “aviation bug” and realized that there was nothing limiting her from following her dreams.  

“The best thing I ever did for myself throughout this journey was join Women in Aviation,” Robyn shared, “I feel so grateful to be a part of something bigger than myself and to have had such amazing, supportive women who have decades of knowledge and experience to generously give me.”  

Robyn has been involved with Women in Aviation since starting her flight training at Journeys Aviation in Boulder, Colorado. Since joining Women in Aviation, being surrounded by fellow female aviators who share the same passion has inspired her in her journey to the skies and gave her the confidence to keep progressing in her training. As part of the scholarship win, Robyn is attending the Women in Aviation Conference in Long Beach, California alongside the LIFT and Republic crew. “It is an amazing organization that I will always continue to give back to.” Robyn shared, “When I finally achieve my dream of becoming an airline pilot, I’m most looking forward to being more of an inspiration and voice for women who are just getting involved or getting started!” 


As for what’s on the horizon, Robyn is excited to join LIFT Academy this spring for her advanced ratings, a milestone made possible by her scholarship win. Robyn shared she felt incredibly humbled to find out she won the LIFT Scholarship, excited to begin training at LIFT and eager to become a Republic Airways pilot. When searching for the right school, Robyn knew she needed community, structure, and a network of fellow students to be fully immersed in flight training with.  She was drawn to the community aspect of LIFT and the choice was easy. Robyn noted, “I feel excited to work for a company who feels it’s as important to build a diverse, welcoming, and comfortable flight deck as I do.”  


LIFT is proud to welcome Robyn as she embarks on this next chapter of her aviation journey to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming an airline pilot. With each milestone completed here at LIFT Academy, she will be one step closer to her dream.