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Soar Into the New Year: Start Flight Training at LIFT Academy

We are approaching the new year which means new opportunities abound. If you have not added “become a commercial airline pilot” to your new year’s resolution, we have compiled a list of reasons why you should start your flight training at LIFT Academy in 2024.

You do not need previous flight experience to apply for LIFT Academy.  

A common misconception in aviation is that prospective students need some background in aviation to become a pilot. The truth is all you really need is an interest in airplanes and the motivation to become a commercial airline pilot. LIFT Academy is designed to be a flight training program that takes students from zero experience to a career as a pilot for Republic Airways—in as little as 30 months. 

LIFT Academy is now in three different locations, giving you greater flexibility in your flight training options. 

There is now even more opportunity for you #FlyWithLIFT at one of our three campuses in Indianapolis, IN, Myrtle Beach, SC or Galveston, TX. Our partnership with Collegiate Housing Services provides our students with accessible and affordable housing at our Indianapolis and Myrtle Beach locations. And with our winter operations program, flight training at LIFT is available year-round at any location, ensuring endless opportunities for students to pursue their aviation dreams. 

Flight training is affordable and attainable.  

Students who commit to five years of flying for Republic Airways upon graduation from the program receive tuition assistance. Additionally, our financial advisors work with various loan partners to provide students with flexible payment pathways that meet their individual requirements.  

LIFT Academy has classroom to flight deck opportunities and is among the most advanced flight training programs in the country. 

With a fleet of over 50 Diamond aircraft, Vertex and FRASCA flight simulators and dedicated flight instructors our students are well-equipped for takeoff. LIFT hosts various events and breakout sessions monthly for students and instructors to learn more about the opportunities that lie ahead as well as professional development opportunities. 

What are you waiting for? Enter a new era of your career journey. Applications are now open for our 2024 classes! Sign up and soar to new heights at