Life After LIFT

Welcome to your future

One of the many benefits of attending LIFT Academy is the promise of a guaranteed job as a Republic pilot after successful completion of the program. Here are just some of the perks:

  • First Officer starting pay at Republic is $45/hour
  • The average first-year salary is around $60,000
  • Pilots earn annual pay increases
  • Guaranteed a minimum of 12 days off each month
  • Fly for free or at highly reduced rates on our partner airlines

Republic pilots are at the helm of an ultra-modern fleet of Embraer 170/175 aircraft. With its first flight dating back to 1974, Republic has a strong and extensive history of being a top-quality employer and providing safe, clean and reliable service for our partners. LIFT graduates will have received training that excels in efficiency, effectiveness and safety, uniquely preparing them for their future in the airline industry.

Get the best of both worlds

Looking for adventure? But realize retirement accounts don’t grow on trees? When you’re a pilot with Republic, you’re lucky enough to have both.


During your time off, you can take advantage of your travel benefits to explore the world. Bring your family along—they qualify, too. If you have family and friends who live far away, you’ll be able to stay more connected. And with pilot positions in various regions across the country, you can choose to discover a new place to call home.


While you’re having those adventures, you’re earning a steady paycheck with a great employer—Republic offers one of the best pilot contracts and starting pay among regional airlines. By your fourth year as a Republic pilot, you could be making more than $82,000 a year. With opportunity for advancement to Captain and great benefits like healthcare, dental, vision, retirement and a guaranteed minimum of 12 days off each month, you can see why this is a great career choice that offers a healthier work/life balance.

Loan Repayment

While Republic has worked to make LIFT Academy more affordable than other flight training schools—and certainly less than many traditional four-year degrees—Republic understands that many students will have incurred student loan debt by the time they finish.

Republic offers loan assistance to students who achieved Certificated Flight Instructor status and as they transition to First Officer at Republic. See our Admissions & Financial Aid section for more information.


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