Chassity Black: Taking a New Flight Path

We sat down with Chassity Black, a career changer who recently completed her training at LIFT Academy and graduated from the program. Once a Flight Attendant at Republic Airways, her love for aviation grew into a desire to be the one flying the plane. After time-building as an instructor, she will soon return to Republic Airways—this time as a pilot!


Question: You recently completed your flight training at LIFT Academy—congratulations! It has to be a great feeling to be one step closer to landing not your first but your second career at Republic! Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Chassity: Thank you! Yes, I just finished up all my flight training at LIFT Academy and am now in the indoctrination process of becoming an instructor. I am a native Hoosier who loves to travel, cook new recipes, and read in my spare time. 


Question: Before becoming a Flight Attendant, were you always interested in aviation, or did it spark when you had that role? 

Chassity: I have always been interested in aviation ever since I was young and would take flights to see my family out west. Planes have always left me awe-struck and amazed. Becoming a Flight Attendant at Republic validated my love for aviation and the rest is history! 


Question: You knew you wanted to pursue an aviation career, but what made you decide to #FlyWithLIFT? 

Chassity: I love that LIFT is connected to Republic Airways and offers aspiring pilots a career once completing training. It sets you up for success from the ground up and allows for a smooth transition. The fleet to me was also an important factor—I love our Diamond aircraft. 


Question: When you came to LIFT, what was the culture like? 

Chassity: It is an amazing culture. Everyone you run into is so nice and helpful. At any time on any given day, I can walk down the hallway and expect to see peers or management and feel comfortable talking to them and asking questions. 


Q: I love the culture here as well! What has been your favorite part about the program? 

Chassity: My favorite part of the program was my instructors. You spend a lot of time with your instructors, and they care about your growth and well-being. Some of my instructors have moved on to Republic and still take the time every few months to message me and see how I am doing! 


Question: Having that support system is so important, and I am so glad you found yours here at LIFT Academy! Do you have a favorite memory from your time here? 

Chassity: I have many, but I love the events outside of flight training that LIFT allows us to do. We go to baseball games, hockey games, summer cookout events, or have trivia nights where we can all just have fun and get to know each other outside of the hangar. 


Question: It doesn’t get better than that! What are you most proud of in your career so far? What are you looking forward to? 

Chassity: I am proud of getting to the point of being an instructor. It has been a long and rocky road at times, but I am so happy to have made it. I am looking forward to flying with my new students in the good weather coming up, and I can’t wait to fly an Embraer jet at Republic in the very near future! 


Question: For someone thinking about flight school or wanting to pursue a career in aviation, what would you tell them? 

Chassity: Do it! It is hard work, but the payoff is great. Always reach out to others in the aviation community—it is a very supportive one.  You will be a lifelong student, and I absolutely recommend making this a career for anyone interested. You won’t regret it! 


If you are ready to #FlyWithLIFT, apply today!