LIFT Academy Students training

Indianapolis Location Acquires New Space: Crew Resource Center

LIFT Academy offers lots of study spaces for students from classrooms to briefing rooms and tables inside in the hangar. LIFT Academy is excited to have acquired additional space located on the second floor of Hangar 5 dedicated to student study, group learning and student advising!  

The space is called the Crew Resource Center and features four classrooms, a large common area for group study as well as a break room for all pilots. LIFT will open a library in the new space featuring paper copies of FAA publications, LIFT manuals, television screens and plenty of cockpit posters for your chair flying! Traditional study materials such as notecards and general office supplies will also be available to optimize coursework retention. The dedicated team of Training Advisors will be onsite and readily available to assist all students.  

We are excited to launch this new space and provide all students with areas to maximize their ground school experience at LIFT. We support our students inside and outside of the classroom with all of the tools necessary to be successful throughout your training.  

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