LIFT Academy Welcomes Newest Assistant Chief Flight Instructors to Myrtle Beach

LIFT Academy welcomes Keith Stover and Silke Eyles to the crew as Assistant Chief Flight Instructors! With unique backgrounds in aviation and a shared passion for the success of our students, they are going to soar in their new roles. Learn more about their journeys to #FlyWithLIFT! 

Silke always loved being around the airport so she became a Flight Attendant in Germany for Lufthansa. There she learned that “women in aviation, though rare at the time, can fulfill their dreams of flying” and with that, she began her flight training in the United States with the dream of becoming a pilot. After completing her ratings then becoming a Certificated Flight Instructor, Silke worked as an Assistant Chief Flight Instructor for the Edwards AFB Aero Club, where she had the idea to start an Aero Camp to teach basic altitudes, maneuvers, take-offs, and landings.  

Silke shared that while most Certificated Flight Instructors eventually move on to work for the airlines or become First Officers, she found her passion in instructing. “LIFT Academy’s logistics and quality of flight training is unmatched in the industry; therefore, it was the most logical step for me to join the team,” she said. 

In her new role, Silke told us, “I am seeking to share this feeling of accomplishment with the students I have the privilege to cross paths with by providing them with the same tools I learned in my flying career over the last 28+ years.” 

Having once dreamt of becoming a famous drummer, travelling the world on tour, Keith now lives out his dream of travelling the world as an Assistant Chief Flight Instructor alongside Silke in Myrtle Beach. 

Keith’s aviation journey took off at Mercer County Community College where he began his flight training and worked as a Flight Line Tech at Ronson Aviation. Upon graduation, he landed a role with the Horry County Department of Airports as an Airport Operations Supervisor in Myrtle Beach. While in the role, Keith decided it was time to get back in the flight deck and start flying again. In 2019, he became a Certificated Flight Instructor. In 2020, Keith left his job as Airport Operations Supervisor to accept a role as an Airport Firefighter.  

Today, with roots in Myrtle Beach, Keith is excited to take on his new role with LIFT Academy to provide flight training to the Myrtle Beach area. “It is an extremely rewarding experience to watch students solo for the first time and then pass all their check rides,” Keith shared. “So far, my favorite part has been the leadership team at LIFT. After I was hired, I got to spend time in Indianapolis and was immensely impressed with the staff and operations they have put together. I am excited to keep that momentum going in Myrtle Beach.”

Please join us in welcoming Silke and Keith aboard!