As college decisions continue to be released this winter and spring, we wanted to remind you that LIFT Academy has a great college pathway program through Vincennes University. We’re sure all the buzz among students is where they’re heading next to continue their education or pursue their professional goals. We hope for some, that next step may be training to become an aviation professional. There’s no better program for pilots or maintenance technicians than what we offer at LIFT Academy, and now students have the option to pair that training with an Associate degree at VU.

The VU partnership program can put students ahead of their peers who enroll in four-year institutions.  After earning the Associate degree in Aviation Flight Technology, graduates can be hired as a Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI), with the option to time build and be ready for ATP-CTP in as little as one year. This means that LIFT/VU students can be hired to start in the right seat of a regional aircraft within three years of their first flight at LIFT. Getting hired one year earlier than a traditional college student can impact upgrade time, salary and bid schedule and ultimately their quality of life as an airline pilot!

The partnership program also gives students the option to complete their bachelor’s degree.  VU offers a 2+2 option for a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Technology through Purdue Polytechnic-Indianapolis.  To make this affordable, LIFT/VU graduates can complete their education paying VU tuition and fees, saving them thousands of dollars on a Purdue degree. They also can hold a job as a CFI or as a First Officer at Republic Airways and complete the degree at the same time!

If given the option to start a pilot career sooner and have an income to help fund the training costs or still be in college accruing interest on student loans, which would you select?

We are looking forward to welcoming our newest freshmen class starting in August 2021.  If you know of a student, or perhaps are a future student who is looking for a quick and more affordable pathway to the airlines while pursuing a college degree, you need to consider the accelerated track we offer. More information regarding the timeline and cost of the VU/LIFT partnership can be found here!

If you or any interested students would like to meet over the phone, virtually or even in-person please schedule a tour or reach out to us at

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Matt Chupp

Manager of Admissions


Want to see what the LIFT / Vincennes University Partnership Program looks like? Check out this YouTube video we just shared!