Weekly New Student Email 4/2

Weekly Newsletter

April 2, 2020


Hello students,

While we aren’t certain when our operations will return to normal, we want to make sure you’re ready to fly with LIFT when that time comes. This is our first weekly email that will introduce you to life at LIFT while you’re on standby for classes to resume. Expect to get an email from us in your inbox each week with informational content that could include:

  • How to best prepare for LIFT
  • What an average day will look like
  • How to study well
  • Habits of successful students
  • How new students adjusted to life at LIFT

Welcome to LIFT

Have you met Dana yet? Dana Donati is our General Manager and Director of Academic Programs here at LIFT. Dana wanted to give you a proper welcome.

Click the link below to view her message!

Dana’s Welcome Video


We will be sharing pointers with you each week from some of our Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) that you will be working with and learning from. They will offer tips and tricks that they’ve learned along their journeys to help you along yours.

Q:How should students at any level prepare before starting at LIFT?

Chandler Prince’s Answer:

      • Radio Communications
        • One of the most challenging parts of training at LIFT is operations in and out of Class C airspace at IND. Take a look at this document (Flight Radio Communications) and start becoming familiar with radio calls.
      • PHAK – Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
        • Get familiar with the PHAK. It’s a great resource to give you the knowledge you’ll need to be successful in flight training. No need to read cover to cover at this time but review the chapter introductions and start perusing to get a feel for the different elements of flight training.
      • AFH – Airplane Flying Handbook
        • The AFH is the FAA’s guide to flying the maneuvers, takeoffs and landings. Like the PHAK no need to read cover to cover but take a look and start to familiarize yourself with the maneuvers you’ll be learning at LIFT.


Have you ever wandered what your first week will be like? What your first week would consist of? What is it like inside LIFT as a student? One of our students, Phil Buhrke, has shared his experience of his first week at LIFT.


Have you been on Slack yet?

During the current stay-at-home order, we encourage you to interact with your fellow classmates online. This is a great time to take advantage of the resources provided and continue to build excitement towards your start with us at LIFT! We suggest introducing yourself to others in your Slack Channel and engaging in conversation with one another as every student is practicing social distancing. This is a good opportunity to discover where your fellow classmates are moving from, where they are going to be living during training, what their interests are outside aviation and is an easy way to build community before you all get the chance to meet in person. On the Slack platform, you can direct message other students in the LIFT Academy workspace, but feel free to exchange phone numbers with each other if that’s something you feel comfortable doing.

You all are a part of your specific class date Slack group, but there are also open channels available for you to join. These include:

  • #general
  • #random
  • #housingseekers
  • #jobs
  • #photoshare
  • #private
  • #instrument
  • #commercial
  • #CFI
  • #socials
  • #volunteering
  • #scheduleswap

To join any of these channels, simply search for them by typing # and then the name of the channel you’d like to join! If you have any issues with Slack or need help with anything, please reach out to anyone on the Admissions Team or email explore@flywithlift.com.

View from our Hangar

We are excited for you to fly with LIFT. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s waiting for you!

Photo by current LIFT student Mike Petrucci.