There are several routes to choose for those interested in flight training. For recent high school graduates, many opt for traditional college programs as they provide a level of security with their alumni and history of training. Part 141 colleges provide the ratings mandated by the FAA (private, instrument, commercial single-engine and commercial multi-engine) to be eligible to hire at any airline. They require 2-4 years to complete and often are accompanied with a very full schedule. On top of flight lessons, students will have ground school classes and other classes (math, English, science) to attend during the week. Homecoming, finals, parent weekends, and Ramen noodles are all a part of the campus experience. For many, the structure of a four-year program is attractive because of the degree, campus life, and to be among peers. But it isn’t for everyone.

What do you do if you only want to take aviation classes? What if you don’t want the extra costs and just want to be a pilot as soon as possible?

From the very beginning, LIFT’s mission has been to make the pathway to become a professional pilot more accessible. We realize that by creating different options to train, we can attract more talent to the cockpit. Some of you have dreams of attending your dream school and we encourage you to pursue that. Some of you are already looking into pursuing LIFT and Vincennes University’s partnership program because of the benefits of being in two programs at once. But some of you just want to fly.

For those reading that want a quick, efficient path to the airlines, we have a program for you. Even through the global pandemic and shutdowns, we continue to stand by our values of providing affordable and attainable flight training. And you can finish it all and be ready for hire in as little as 2.5 years. Does that sound more appealing?

The LIFT Licensed program we offer is great for those seeking a flexible option to train. So what are some perks about joining LIFT?

Our pilots are being trained the “Republic Way”. We believe this allows them to be the best prepared for the regional airlines once they graduate. They are trained using the same checklists and SOP as a Republic captain flying an ERJ 175.

Students can train at their own pace. In our newly established LIFT Licensed program, students can obtain any ratings they chose and move through the program when their schedules allow. Students who want to be done sooner can pick up extra flight lessons by using our open-flying initiative. If you are someone who has always thought about becoming a pilot, but have limited time in your schedule, our program offers students the ability to work full-time jobs and train when they are available.

Our planes are awesome! We fly brand new Diamond DA-40NG and DA-42VI aircraft. We invested in state-of-the-art, eco- friendly technology for our training. We have a fleet of 46 aircraft and 3 Diamond simulators available for our pilots to train in. All our aircraft are standard with glass panels using G1000NXI.

Professional environment. The LIFT Academy hangar is in a Class C airspace at Indianapolis International Airport. Our students are trained in an environment where they will be flying for the rest of their career. Most college flight programs are in a Class D airspace where the air-traffic consists of general aviation and often no ATC communication. Our students have the advantage to learn how to fly with commercial international airport traffic daily.

Sound attractive yet? If you are looking for a flight training environment that strives to the safest, most efficient flight training program in the business, then look no further. Apply today and start earning your wings. Visit to learn more.


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