Meet Eric Wood

The job of an aviation maintenance technician is critical—what they do on the ground keeps us in the air. Meet Eric Wood, LIFT’s Repair Station Manager, who’s been an aviation maintenance technician for 22 years.

Q: Why did you choose to pursue your A & P (Airframe and Powerplant certificate)?

A: From a young age, I always had a strong interest in aircraft. I chose a career as an aviation maintenance technician because of the technical, detail-oriented, troubleshooting and dexterity skills the position requires. Also, there are many different directions the career path can take a mechanic, such as working on composite structures, sheet metal structures, engines, avionics or components.

Q: How did you choose to work at LIFT Academy?

A: My main reasons for joining the LIFT maintenance team were because of the excellent track record and strong example of leadership Republic Airways has shown me. I felt my experience in general aviation and developing maintenance start-up programs would have a very successful and positive impact.

Q: Give us a glimpse of what a day may look like for you on the job at LIFT.

A: My typical day involves:

  • Building inspection work orders for aircraft that have upcoming maintenance or maintenance required
  • Giving hands-on instruction to mechanics and apprentice mechanics
  • Developing processes and procedures for the LIFT maintenance team

Q: What’s the most unique thing about being an AMT?

A: The aircraft maintenance profession is highly respected. It is a role that demands precision, professionalism and accuracy at every step of the maintenance process. There is never any room for error.

Q: What is your favorite aircraft to work on?

A: North American P-51 Mustang.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about the profession?

A: In my 22 years as an aviation maintenance technician, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to meet some really great friends and colleagues. It’s a wonderful opportunity to work with some great people.


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