LIFT Academy Partners with FRASCA International to Integrate Reconfigurable Training Devices into Training Curriculum

LIFT Academy is excited to partner with FRASCA International to integrate Reconfigurable Training Devices (RTDs) into the training curriculum at both locations in Indianapolis, Indiana and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina starting in June 2023.

These devices have the features and quality to provide students with the most immersive training experience available. The FRASCA RTDs house exact replicas of the menu selections and buttons you would see in an aircraft, enabling students to transfer their knowledge directly to the aircraft.

 “It is crucial to have training solutions that meet the rigorous standards for LIFT Academy’s training curriculum while keeping adaptability and dependability at the forefront,” said Ed Bagden, Director of Operations and Academic Programs at LIFT. With this innovation, LIFT Academy will continue to accelerate flight training and provide students with the skills they need for a career in the airline industry.  

Learn more about this exciting partnership here and come experience it for yourself when you fly with LIFT!