Our Program

It’s pretty simple: we’re training and hiring pilots

What makes LIFT unlike any other training academy is the way we approach training to make our students airline ready.

In order to make sure our students are ready to fly for commercial airlines after graduation, we’re providing them with:

Advanced Training

Students will benefit from instruction that goes beyond FAA and industry standards provided by experienced aviation professionals. They’ll also receive training on advanced flight simulators produced by Diamond Aircraft Industries that provides the most realistic cockpit simulation environment.

Advanced Technology

When it’s time to get in the plane, students will receive flight training on advanced new Diamond aircraft, including the DA40 single-engine and the DA42 twin-engine aircraft.

The Chance to Earn While You Learn

Our students have the chance to become certificated flight instructors, where they'll be paid to instruct other students while building flight time and the skills necessary to become successful leaders in the aviation field.

A Direct Pathway to Republic After Completion

Students who successfully complete the program will have a direct pathway to a career as a pilot with Republic Airways.

Flight Training Options

We’re proud to evolve our programs to have flexibility for anyone wanting to #FlyWithLIFT. There’s no better place to train–with our brand new, well-maintained Diamond DA-40NG single engine and DA-42 twin engine aircraft, we have the most state-of-the-art fleet in North America.

Republic Airways Career Pathway Program

Flight training from zero experience through all ratings necessary for the airlines can be completed in 12 months in the Republic Airways Career Pathway Program. LIFT is the only flight training program out there that has a curriculum built specifically for airline training, and students receive the highest quality instruction in state-of-the-art technology and aircraft from day one in our program. Once you’ve reached the FAA-required flight hours through time-building, a pilot position will be waiting for you at Republic Airways.

The value of all flight training certificates at LIFT is $90,000. To make flight training more affordable, Republic Airways subsidizes the cost of the career pathway program by $15,000 making tuition for the Republic Airways Career Pathway just $75,000, all in.

LIFT is more cost-effective than most other flight schools and universities while also offering its students access to the best training tools available.

Republic offers financing options through Elements Financial and loan assistance for those in the Republic Airways Career Pathway Program. More information on tuition, financing and loan assistance will be made available at the time a student is accepted.

More information on tuition and financing will be made available at the time a student is accepted into LIFT.

Earn While You Learn

For students who have completed their training and need to build the flight hours required to fly for the airlines have two options to work in paid positions while getting that flight time necessary to become a Republic pilot.


    LIFT students earn their Certified Flight Instructor Ratings (CFI and CFII) to instruct other pilots in training. They have a schedule of students at LIFT or a partner location where they work with teaching maneuvers, principles, theories of flight and flight safety. In addition to instructing at LIFT, there are also opportunities to instruct at other flight training institutions.


    LIFT graduates also have the option to fly as a First Officer for Cape Air as a commercial airline pilot, operating their passenger flights throughout the Midwest, Montana, the Northeast and the Caribbean. While at Cape Air, they will upgrade to Captain status before flowing back to Republic Airways where they’ll continue their aviation career progression.

    The Cape Air timeline:

    • Build time at LIFT until 500 hours
    • At 500 hours, begin as a First Officer at Cape Air, flying in the right seat until 1200 hours
    • At 1500 hours, upgrade to Captain; fly as a Cape Air Captain for 12 months
    • After 12 months, flow back to Republic Airways as a First Officer

    Cape Air’s recruitment team visits LIFT on a regular basis throughout the year for program interviews.

    Watch a video on LIFT students training to become Cape Air pilots in Hyannis, MA.


“We believe the joy of flight should be available to all, and we're proud that LIFT Academy offers intellectually curious, aspiring aviators a world-class training program and a professional environment that best prepares them for a career in the airline industry.”

– Matt Koscal, Senior VP and Chief Administrative Officer, Republic Airways

One year of flight training is all it takes

As students complete their training and build flight hours required for airlines, they have two options to earn a salary as they work toward becoming a Republic Airways pilot. This example illustrates a student who dedicates four to five hours a day, at least five days a week to the classroom, in the flight simulator and in the plane during training:

3 Months

Private Pilot License

This is where you learn the fundamentals of being a pilot. In the classroom, you’ll learn about aerodynamics, maps, aircraft systems and decision-making. You’ll take this knowledge to the DA40 NG single-engine airplane with your instructor, where you will blend science and the real world, improving your skills lesson by lesson. When you have proven to your instructor that you have the skills and knowledge that are required, you will take your first solo flight. For the rest of the Private Pilot phase, you will hone your skills to pass your checkride and receive your Private Pilot Certificate.

2 Months

Instrument Rating

Now that you’re a pilot, it’s time to enhance your skills. Your instructor will help you learn how to read instruments, identify system failures and fly instrument approaches. You will use a “view limiting device” to restrict your view of the outside world through the windows, and you will learn how to fly from right after liftoff to the moments before landing by looking only at the instrument panel. This type of flying is how most airline flying is done and is the foundation of your professional flying career. Once you pass your checkride and add the Instrument Rating to your pilot’s certificate, you’ll be certified to fly day or night, rain or shine.

4 Months

Commercial & Multi-Engine Rating

During your commercial rating, you’ll learn to execute some more complex maneuvers with tighter tolerances than ever before. You’ll be learning in an environment that is focused on real-world scenarios and decision-making, using all the knowledge and skills you’ve built up until this point. You’ll learn more about aircraft automation and resource management. After passing your initial commercial checkride, you’ll transition to the DA42-VI airplane with two engines and retractable landing gear. You’ll add the multi-engine commercial privileges to your pilot’s certificate after passing the add-on checkride in the DA42.

3 Months

Certificated Flight Instructor, Certificated Flight Instructor - Instrument and Multi-Engine Instructor

The final phase of your training as a student at LIFT Academy takes all you have learned and validates your ability to share this knowledge effectively to students. You’ll learn to teach in the classroom and the airplane. After passing the CFI, CFII and MEI checkrides, you, the student, have now become the teacher, and are prepared, certified and paid to teach LIFT students how to be safe and effective pilots. Congratulations!


Republic Ready

Congratulations, you're ready to be a pilot at Republic Airways!


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