Our Program

It’s pretty simple: we’re training and hiring pilots

What makes LIFT unlike any other training academy is the fact that there is a Republic pilot job waiting for our graduates. It’s guaranteed.

In order to make sure our students are Republic Ready, we’re providing them with:

Advanced Training

Students will benefit from instruction that goes beyond FAA and industry standards provided by experienced aviation professionals. They’ll also receive training on advanced flight simulators produced by Diamond Aircraft Industries that provides the most realistic cockpit simulation environment.

Advanced Technology

When it’s time to get in the plane, students will receive flight training on advanced new Diamond aircraft, including the DA40 single-engine and the DA42 twin-engine aircraft.

The Chance to Earn While You Learn

Once students become Certificated Flight Instructors, they’ll be paid to instruct other students while building flight time and the skills necessary to become successful leaders in the aviation field.

A Guaranteed Job After Graduation

Republic currently hires nearly 600 commercial pilots every year; that number is expected to grow by 50% over the next decade. Will you be one of them?

Unique partnerships

Republic is pleased to have several partners in supporting and enhancing the LIFT Academy, helping it to fulfill its mission and make the pathway to becoming a pilot one that is more easily accessed and navigated.

“We believe the joy of flight should be available to all, and by partnering with our local schools and others in our community, we are offering intellectually curious, aspiring aviators a world-class training program and a guaranteed, post-graduation pathway to a career at Republic.”

– Matt Koscal, Senior Vice President, Republic Airways

One year is all it takes

Students can expect to dedicate four to five hours per day, four to five days per week in the classroom, in the simulator and in the plane during training. While weather may interrupt this plan from time to time, LIFT students can expect training to follow the timeline below.

2 Months

Private Pilot License

This is where you learn the fundamentals of being a pilot. In the classroom, you’ll learn about aerodynamics, maps, aircraft systems and decision-making. You’ll take this knowledge to the DA40 NG single-engine airplane with your instructor, where you will blend science and the real world, improving your skills lesson by lesson. When you have proven to your instructor that you have the skills and knowledge that are required, you will take your first solo flight. For the rest of the Private Pilot phase, you will hone your skills to pass your checkride and receive your Private Pilot Certificate.

2 Months

Instrument Rating

Now that you’re a pilot, it’s time to enhance your skills. Your instructor will help you learn how to read instruments, identify system failures and fly instrument approaches. You will use a “view limiting device” to restrict your view of the outside world through the windows, and you will learn how to fly from right after liftoff to the moments before landing by looking only at the instrument panel. This type of flying is how most airline flying is done and is the foundation of your professional flying career. Once you pass your checkride and add the Instrument Rating to your pilot’s certificate, you’ll be certified to fly day or night, rain or shine.

6 Months

Commercial & Multi-Engine Rating

During your commercial rating, you’ll learn to execute some more complex maneuvers with tighter tolerances than ever before. You’ll be learning in an environment that is focused on real-world scenarios and decision-making, using all the knowledge and skills you’ve built up until this point. You’ll learn more about aircraft automation and resource management. After passing your initial commercial checkride, you’ll transition to the DA42-VI airplane with two engines and retractable landing gear. You’ll add the multi-engine commercial privileges to your pilot’s certificate after passing the add-on checkride in the DA42.

2 Months

Certificated Flight Instructor

The final phase of your training as a student at LIFT Academy takes all you have learned and validates your ability to share this knowledge effectively to students. You’ll learn to teach in the classroom and the airplane. After passing the CFI and II checkrides, you, the student, have now become the teacher, and are prepared, certified and paid to teach LIFT pilots how to be safe and effective. Congratulations!


First Officer at Republic Airline

Congratulations, you’re a Republic pilot!


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