Let’s face it, flight training can be as expensive and is a barrier to entry into the aviation industry. However, it does not have to be; LIFT Academy’s mission since we opened in 2018, is to make flight training more affordable and accessible to all. Our students can fund their training through several different resources or outlets: loans, savings, partner’s financial support, part-time work and scholarships – or any combination of these.  Even though COVID-19 disrupted airlines and their hiring efforts, the demand for pilots has returned and is as high if not higher than before. If you are thinking about flight training, now is the time to make the investment in yourself for your dream career in the clouds.  

Scholarships are the best kept secret to making flight training more affordable! There are many independent and organization-based scholarships that can be applied to flight training here at LIFT. This resource shares some notable scholarships to consider as well as provides tips to consider while searching and applying for scholarships. Here is a list of several scholarships that may be available for you:  



The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) is a not-for-profit organization, that focuses on keeping general aviation safe, fun and AFFORDABLE. AOPA offers multiple scholarships annually. Check out the list of scholarships offered and the list of scholarships with an upcoming deadline with the two following links:  


Upcoming Deadline: 


The Richard Collins Writing Prize for Young Pilots 

Richard Collins was an American aviation author and journalist. His family continues to honor his legacy through an annual scholarship offered to pilots (including student pilots) under the age of 24 years. Check out the announcement page on Air Facts Journal for the annual release of the scholarship at the link below: 



Sisters of the Skies 

The Sisters of the Skies offers multiple scholarships annually for black female aspiring professional pilots to “Reach for the Sky.” Check out the scholarship page on their site for current scholarships being offered and application links for them: 



LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Foundation Scholarship 

LeRoy W. Homer Jr. was one of the pilots on board United Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. A Career long pilot from the Air Force to commercial aviation, his legacy is honored through the scholarship offered by the LeRoy Homer Foundation. Learn more about LeRoy W. Homer Jr. and the scholarship opportunities offered at the link below: 




The AAERO Scholarship Program is for aspiring pilots who have not yet received their PPL certificate. The AAERO Aviation Scholarship is awarded to a handful of individuals who have demonstrated their passion and ability to complete their PPL certification within 12 months of applying for the program. Check out their scholarship and grant listings at the link below: 




The National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) has given away over $750,000 in scholarships over the years to aspiring aviators to help them become safer, more qualified members of the worldwide aviation community, providing a steppingstone for these aspiring individuals at a crucial point in their aviation education. A list of scholarships and applications can be found at the link below: 




The Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals supports minority interests and placement in aerospace careers, having awarded over $5.8 million in scholarships to diverse recipients nationwide allowing award recipients to advance or pursue diverse aviation-related careers. Sign up for scholarship alerts and view currently available scholarships at the link below:  



Soaring Beyond Horizons, Inc. 

A not-for-profit organization started by two Republic Airways Captains, Randy Mixon Jr. and Jeremy James, Soaring Beyond Horizons, Inc. strives to elevate the lives of current and future aviator professionals and inspire future pilots.  Their aim is to assist and develop career opportunities in the aviation industry. Additional information on the scholarship opportunities that can be found on their website at the link below: 




The Soaring Society of America’s Scholarship page has many scholarship opportunities listed along with deadlines for other scholarships as well. Check out the link below for current SSA Scholarships, deadlines and more: 

Link: – Aviation 

Use Scholarship’s website to access many aviation focused scholarships. The website complies a comprehensive list of available scholarships with information on the amount given and deadlines for application. Check out the link below: 



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