From Flight Sim to LIFT Academy

Jacob Keller found his way to LIFT Academy in March 2019, after starting his aviation journey in community college in New York, studying Aviation Science. Since coming to LIFT, Jacob has earned his instrument rating and commercial single engine add on, become a Certificated Flight Instructor and Flight Instructor Instrument rating as well as his commercial multi engine add on. “As someone who didn’t know any pilots growing up, aviation seemed like an impossible field to get into. My passion started from playing on a flight simulator and from there I was hooked. I took an introduction flight as a teenager and that video game became my reality.”

“I am the first aviator in my family on both sides. The love and support I get from both are what push me to be my best and continue doing so.  With my family having an extensive background in law enforcement, I was sure I was going to continue down that path. I did actually begin heading that way, and started as a Police Cadet to volunteer in my hometown. The program did a lot of volunteer work for the community such as collect food for the food bank every year, provide assistance at community events, honor guard for memorials and was a part of other events. I think it was in the Police Cadet program where my character was built, learning to be true to myself and others, have integrity, teaching others and always pushing myself and others to be the best they can.”

“LIFT has given me the opportunity to work hard consistently and provide me with a high level of instruction. I am thankful to all of my instructors that guided me along my path, all taking a special place in my training and making me the pilot and instructor that I am today.”

“Something I really enjoy is showing young kids that chasing after your dreams in this field is indeed achievable. Any task, no matter how big, can be accomplished, but it is up to you to do it.” When asked to give advice to the younger generation of future aviators, Jacob said, “If you truly care about something and have passion for it, it will take you anywhere you want to go.”