LIFT Technology: Our Simulators

Flight simulators are the backbone of hands-on training at any airline, and high-fidelity simulators are a key tool used at LIFT Academy to train our students to the highest levels of proficiency. LIFT’s simulators are produced by Diamond Simulation, part of the Diamond Aircraft family, and use many of the same parts as the actual aircraft. LIFT Flight Instructors are able to reposition the simulated aircraft to any location, anywhere in the world, while dynamically changing the weather conditions and time of day to emulate any situation that a pilot may encounter, giving our students the opportunity to practice flying anywhere in any conditions.  

Built “one-to-one” with our aircraft, these simulators create a more immersive environment for the pilot and ease the transfer of skills from simulator to aircraft. They feature 180-degree wraparound visual displays, a full cockpit with working canopy, authentic Garmin G1000 avionics packages and accurate control loading. The “muscle memory” that pilots develop in our simulators can be easily applied to their flight lessons in our aircraft. 

Simulators also have something that the airplane doesn’t – a pause button. The instructor can momentarily pause the aircraft’s position in space, allowing for further discussion and clarification of the task being practiced. It goes without saying that there is no pause button in the airplane! Additionally, instructors can simulate a multitude of failures or malfunctions that could be unsafe to try for the first time or practice in the airplane, preparing students to safely manage extraordinarily rare in-flight emergencies in a controlled, safe environment. 

These simulators are one of the many tools used at LIFT Academy to ensure that our students are the most well-prepared pilots when they transition to the role of First Officer and Captain at Republic Airways.