Recommendations to Prep for Flying!

Interested in seeing more information about flying before you decide to become a pilot? We’ve shared our recommendations on YouTube, Podcasts and Blogs/Websites to help you learn more about life as a pilot!

Here are a few helpful tips and tricks when starting to look into flight school:

1. Do your initial aviation research. Before you decide if you want to become a pilot, it is important to research the realities behind this career path.

2. Think about finances.

3. Pilot medical examination appointment.

4. Prepare to learn as much as you can on the ground.

5. Develop the best attitude, so that if things don’t go as planned, you will still remain motivated.

How to Become a Pilot:

Pilot Patrick – Pilot Patrick shares the steps and advice that he learned while training to become a pilot.

College Vine Blog – How to become a pilot: steps to take from high school.

BAA Training – Prior preparation – a key to healthy pilot life.

Upper Limit Aviation – Shares the journey that a student goes on from fixed-wing single engines to jets!

YouTube Channels:

boldmethod – great informational/educational videos.

AIRBOYD – for the #AVGeek in you.

Cargospotter – great videos of different types of planes.

GreatFlyer – various cockpit videos, planes landing, airshows, etc.


Pilot to Pilot – is meant to be a place for aviators to come for inspiration and encouragement.

Airline Pilot Guy Show – for a commercial pilot’s opinions on the commercial airline industry.

Inspired Pilot – hear different pilot’s points of view about what they fly and why the love it.

Ready for Takeoff – hear from a retired pilot, now instructor on Boeing 777.

Aviation Careers Podcast – details more various positions available to pilots.

Airplane Geeks Podcast – Educate and inform, explore and develop your passion for aviation and entertain you along the way.

From Cubicle 2 the Clouds – An aviation everything podcast. Focus on going from a career and changing to being an ATP.


boldmethod – produces sharable digital aviation and flight training content.

Airline Reporter – home of the #AVGeek and is a great source for aviation news and innovation, worldwide.

Simple Flying – included airline, manufacturer and industry analysis, among other topics in aviation.