The Importance of Pilot Fitness

It’s no secret that training to become a pilot takes a few years of dedication, preparation, hours in the sky and hard work. And while a pilot’s life is an exciting one that offers many unique perks, there is a demanding side to it as well. Constantly changing, hectic schedules and job stress can have an effect on a pilot’s physical well-being. As with any job, being a pilot comes with its own set of ups and downs, and we’re not just talking about ascending and descending.

At LIFT, we’re dedicated to getting our pilots off to a strong start. That’s why we offer personal and professional development beyond flight training curriculum. A pilot who pays attention to their physical well-being will be a better pilot and a healthier human. We’re not interested in just training pilots but in developing industry leaders and well-rounded individuals.

So we brought in Pilot Fitness to lead a session with our students and staff. Pilot Fitness was founded by Alaska Airlines pilot Josh Dils, and NASM-certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist Lauren Dils. They’ve developed e-courses that address techniques and easy-to-incorporate daily practices to overcome hurdles specific to airline pilots. Pilot Fitness offers helpful, proven insights like:

  1. Habit building, goal setting and lifestyle adjustments to maintain balance as an airline pilot
  2. Learning what food travels best and avoiding expensive, unhealthy airport and hotel food
  3. How to fit in exercise on overnights in order to stay in shape for annual medicals
  4. Seated exercises that can be done while commuting to keep that blood flowing
  5. Insider tricks on how to maximize what to pack in a roller board
  6. Tips for managing your schedule and enjoying your time off even more

These sessions aim to help our students get acclimated to the airline industry throughout their training by hearing advice and stories straight from the people who are living it. It’s a great way to start their career off on the right foot!