10 Reasons We Love LIFT

Valentine’s Day is still top of mind here at LIFT Academy, especially with so much to love about LIFT Academy. We asked some of our Associates and students to share some of their favorite parts about LIFT and here is what they had to say.

“I love working with students and being able to help make their dreams become reality.”

– Emily, Senior LIFT Recruiter

“Flying in our Diamond Aircraft and looking down from 3000 feet.”

– Krista, LIFT CFI

“When I’m flying out of IND and I see a former LIFT instructor in their First Officer uniform and get to catch up and laugh with them while they enjoy their new life after succeeding at LIFT – I love that connection to Republic and that we are one family. “

– Jason, LIFT Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

“Flying out of an international airport.”

– Michal, LIFT Student


“I love the mission of LIFT Academy, it inspires me to work diligently towards ensuring success of the program and being a contributor to easing the leading issue in the airline industry, a looming pilot shortage.”

– Kushal, LIFT Recruiter


“The brand-new, high-tech Diamond Aircraft Industries airplanes we get to fly everyday.”

– Jeremy, LIFT Student


“The friendships that I’ve been able to form with Associates, instructors and students alike over the years and seeing them achieve their dreams.”

– Kayse, Safety Manager


“The opportunities provided through Republic Airways as our parent company.”

– Jordan, LIFT Student

“Seeing students and instructors happy and smiling around the hangar after a good lesson or passing a checkride.”

– Dean, LIFT Senior IT Business Analyst

“Flight training one-on-one with my instructor.”

– Dillon, LIFT Student