Three people standing at the Collegiate Housing Services desk in the LIFT Academy hangar

Housing Options at LIFT Academy

Have you been recently accepted to LIFT Academy and plan to relocate to one of our LIFT Academy locations? Are you excited about finding a roommate but worried about coordinating your lease? 

LIFT Academy has partnered with Collegiate Housing Services (CHS) to provide students and instructors with affordable housing options for our locations in Indianapolis, Indiana and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. CHS offers a variety of housing services to help you settle in your new home!  

The Shared Roommate Program and Apartment Referral will take the stress out of finding housing at your new location. To get started, you can speak with a Housing Consultant who can help you with housing selection, qualifications, applications and move-in preparation. Our partnership with CHS is designed to provide a worry-free route to securing housing, finding roommates, and paying your lease.  

When you seek housing through CHS, you have access to a full furniture package with a utility allowance budget. The CHS-provided utilities include electric, gas, water, sewer, WiFi and trash removal. Prices are as low as $599 per month in Indianapolis and $639 per month in Myrtle Beach.   

If you are interested in obtaining housing through CHS, click the link with the coordinating location, Indianapolis or Myrtle Beach, to learn more about your options!