LIFT Announces Addition of Student Advisors

Recently at LIFT Academy, we added student advisors to the portfolio of resources students have accessible to them throughout their flight training. Since LIFT opened in 2018, we’ve been trailblazing in the flight training industry, having a more comprehensive and intentional focus on a community of support and culture of safety for all within our organization.

When a student enrolls at LIFT, they are now assigned a student advisor who works with them and their classmates to ensure they make timely progress through training milestones and have access to the tools necessary to be successful during training. Students can choose to meet with their advisor as often as they like, whether in person or virtually, but advisors aim to connect in person at least once a month.  Student advisors organize student success sessions and host required study halls in addition to 1:1 meetings. Unlike most other flight schools where the student’s only flight-related resource is the flight instructor staff, LIFT provides student advisors as an additional resource to give students support and extra guidance where necessary to overcome any training obstacles.

Beyond training related support, the advisors also organize fun, engaging opportunities for students such as trivia nights, study halls, wellness activities and social events such as bowling or pancake breakfasts. The advisors also act in proactive ways to support students, reviewing data and trends to work to identify areas of opportunity that we can address to further support our students’ success.

In addition to the new student advisors, LIFT is proud to have a non-punitive safety reporting culture, on-site A&P technicians caring for and maintaining the aircraft and an in-house proprietary computer based training (CBT) for private and instrument licenses, to name a few. All of these resources, combined with our top-of-the-line technology, new Diamond Industries Aircraft and the defined pathway to a job as a First Officer at Republic Airways, set LIFT Academy apart from any other flight training program.

To train with the best and enjoy our supportive community, apply to LIFT now!