LIFT Safety Programs

Leadership In Flight Training (LIFT) Academy manages a Voluntary Safety Reporting Program (VSRP) for two groups: pilots and aviation maintenance technicians (AMTs). The VSRP is based on the Aviation Safety Action Program administered at Republic Airways. The program is a partnership between the pilots or AMTs, the Company and the Program Manager.

The VSRP is administered by the Manager of Safety maintaining complete oversight. While each VSRP is independent, the purpose, goals and objectives, and management are similar.


The purpose and intent of the VSRP is to encourage students and staff to voluntarily report safety issues and inadvertent violations in a confidential, non-punitive, non-threatening environment. The data collected from VSRP is used to help prevent and/or reduce incidents and accidents, though there may be a violation of a Code of Federal Regulation (CFR). This data is also beneficial to LIFT as it is otherwise not obtainable without the voluntary reporting by pilots or AMTs. The VSRP provides the means of analysis and implementation of corrective actions regarding safety concerns, hazards, and/or violations identified in the VSRP.

Goals and Objectives

An overarching goal of LIFT is to train pilots and AMTs with the intent to create highly qualified pilots and AMTs to transition to Republic and prepare them for a career in the aviation industry. Each VSRP can identify individual goals and objectives, but the common goal is to create and promote a safety culture in which Associates can voluntarily report incidents or violations without fear of reprisal or disciplinary action.

General goals of the VSRP:
• Promote a strong safety culture
• Maintain confidentiality
• Ensure a non-punitive, non-threatening environment is maintained
• Share data, recommend corrective actions, and identify trends in the VSRP


The VSRP is available for any Associate, pilot or AMT operating for the purpose of LIFT Academy operations in accordance with 14 CFR to report any safety concerns, violations of 14 CFR or deviations from procedures. Pilot includes students and instructors. AMT includes line associates, A&P Mechanics, Apprentice Mechanics and unlicensed technicians.