LIFT Soars Into 2022 – What We Are Looking Forward To This Year

Sitting here today, just a couple days from a new year, I am beyond excited about what lies on the horizon for the Associates and students at LIFT Academy. But before we discuss next year, let’s take a look at 2021 and what we collectively accomplished together at LIFT. The changes that have taken place at LIFT during the past year have set us up to fully realize our mission of providing an attainable pathway for each of our students and to help meet the ever-growing demand for pilots at Republic Airways and throughout the industry.

We welcomed several new members to departments throughout the organization, strengthening our ability to support our students and Associates throughout their training and employment at LIFT Academy and Republic Airways. Two Assistant Chief Flight Instructors were added to enhance pilot standardization and instructor development and three Student Advisors joined the team to serve as advocates for each student throughout their entire training experience. The team will continue to grow throughout 2022, with an emphasis on roles that continue to support student success.

From the standpoint of student training, LIFT Academy has, since day one, exceeded industry standards regarding student training outcomes measured through first-time pass rates. 37 LIFT-trained pilots have transitioned to airline pilots at Republic Airways, and both their training data as well as personal feedback from Republic’s Check Airmen and instructors have demonstrated that our pilots are among the best-prepared and most successful new hires that Republic Airways has ever seen. Personally, this is the day I’ve been waiting for since LIFT launched—to see the results of the hard work the students put into their training in order to succeed at the airline, fulfilling their dream of becoming an airline pilot.

Our new events committee is finalizing the 2022 academic calendar, and with it comes greatly expanded opportunities for student and Associate engagement throughout the year. We are planning large quarterly events to allow all Associates and students to meet for operational updates, opportunities to give back to the community and have fun together. We will also plan smaller events throughout the year including intramural sports, volunteering and team-building opportunities. While we will all work together harder than ever to achieve our goals in the classroom, on the hangar floor and in the flight deck, we will also have more opportunities to engage together outside of these environments.

At LIFT Academy, we have never been in a better position to achieve these goals with our expanded teams and enhanced resources. To those who are currently a part of our LIFT family, get ready, because 2022 is going to be a year to remember. And to those that are considering joining LIFT as a flight student, maintenance apprentice or Associate – you will be joining a unique group of aviation training professionals whose solitary focus is being the best, each and every day. If this resonates with you, I truly hope to see you join our organization in 2022 and fly with LIFT!