Q&A with a LIFT Recruiter

Got questions about LIFT’s admission process? We’ve got answers! Emily Bigley one of our LIFT recruiters, shares some insights about recruiting, admissions and what to expect.

Q: How long have you been with LIFT, Emily?
A: I’ve been with LIFT Academy since May 2019.

Q: How did you start working at LIFT?
A: Initially, I started at LIFT as the summer intern for the Admissions and Recruitment team. I transitioned to a full-time Admissions Recruiter in August.

Q: What has your favorite recruiting event been so far?
A: My favorite recruiting event so far has probably been Oshkosh. The opportunity of being surrounded by so many aviation enthusiasts made for some great conversations about our program!

Q: What do you look for in a potential student?
A: We are looking for motivated individuals passionate about aviation! Someone who is hardworking and dedicated to accomplishing their goals is a person we want in our program.

Q: Does prior flight experience help applicants?
A: Not necessarily! Having previous flight knowledge may help on one particular section of the COMPASS test, but it will not hurt applicants who don’t. Whether a student comes in with flight experience or not, our program is designed to teach the ways of the airlines, specifically Republic Airways, to any student.

Q: How can a potential student best prepare for the interview and COMPASS test?
A: Unfortunately, because it is an aptitude test, there isn’t a direct way to study. However, applicants can brush up on some basic math skills (algebra I, algebra II, geometry, long division, etc.) and look up some free practice tests online regarding orientation of a plane to better prepare for the test.

Q: What makes a student successful in transitioning at LIFT?
A: A student who is flexible with their time and available for all scheduled flight blocks and breakout sessions tends to be most successful.

Q: Why do students choose LIFT over other flight training options?
A: There are many reasons a student may choose LIFT over other flight training options, but one of the main benefits is the guaranteed pilot position with Republic Airways upon successful completion of training. Students are also attracted to the opportunity of learning the checklists and procedures of Republic, flying in a busy airspace, and getting to talk to ATC all from day one.

Q: What resources are offered to students as they transition to life at LIFT?
A: We provide a professional communication forum called Slack for our students to interact before even starting at LIFT. This platform allows students to find roommates, ask questions about training or share helpful information with one another. We also have advisors who host breakout sessions and one-on-one meetings to assist students in their training.

Q: What if you don’t get accepted the first time? Can you apply again?
A: Yes. An applicant’s status is good for one year. After that year, they are eligible to go through the application process again if they were previously denied.

Q: How would you describe the culture at LIFT Academy?
A: From students to faculty, everyone is friendly and inviting! We have a very team-driven culture, and all of the departments work together to ensure our students’ success.