Students Find Their “Family” at LIFT

Here at LIFT Academy, students spend much of their time in training sessions preparing for their next flight lesson. When they’re not on the ground, they’re in the flight deck getting hands-on flight training from experienced aviation professionals while accumulating flight hours and advancing in their training. Students often share that LIFT is more than just a flight school – it’s their second family.

We sat down with students Hanna McIntosh and Elizabeth Jensen who told us that they often spend more time at LIFT than they do at home. Hanna expressed that LIFT is her “home away from home” not just because of the time she spends here but she truly feels supported by instructors and fellow students while moving forward in her training. Both have met other students and instructors just by sitting in the lobby or walking down the hallways. Elizabeth added that getting involved, volunteering and going to events is how she has met some of her best friends here at LIFT. She shared, “LIFT has many different opportunities to get to know others. Whether it be through volunteer opportunities, events like trivia, or even joining a team sport.”

Hanna and Elizabeth share the same love for flying and are both undeniably dedicated to the program. As soon as they started at LIFT, both Hanna and Elizabeth jumped in with both feet to pursue their dreams of becoming pilots. Hanna told us, “I am always doing something with aviation. What you put in is what you get.” LIFT may be a big part of her life, but so is her family back at home in Bedford, IN. She finds that going home on her days off is the best way to de-stress and take a break from training. You can often find Hanna at LIFT, in a briefing room studying alone or with a classmate. She chooses to do her studying here at LIFT where she feels more productive and if she has questions, she has a building full of people willing to assist her! Elizabeth agreed, saying that, “It is heavily recommended by our Student Advisors to find study partners, and I have found this extremely helpful both in studying and proceeding through training, but also in making friends and finding my place here at LIFT.”

For Elizabeth, time management is important during the five days she’s scheduled at LIFT each week, wanting to get the most out of her flight training days. Elizabeth has known since she attended college that she wanted to become a pilot, so it’s a no brainer for her to devote all the time she can to the program.

Sev Alforeza is a LIFT Academy instructor and feels that his experience within the program as a student was much like Hanna and Elizabeth’s, going on to say that LIFT is like his second family. Sev started as a student at LIFT, but as an instructor he acts as a mentor to his own students and is dedicated to ensuring the success of his students and helping them find their “LIFT family” while in the program. He told us, “Much like a younger sibling, you want to watch your students grow and succeed, and so you do your best to make sure they receive quality training in order to achieve that. When in flight on a cross country or even in the lobby at LIFT, you have the opportunity to talk to students, staff and other instructors, getting to know them, often learning about their lives both inside and outside of LIFT. It’s an amazing feeling. I know these people are going to be my lifelong friends.”

If you are interested in becoming a pilot, apply to the program and become part of the LIFT family.

Severino Alforenza III

Hanna McIntosh and Elizabeth Jensen.