We’ve Got Swag

When students start training at LIFT Academy, not only are they getting top-notch flight instruction and the start to an outstanding career, they’re getting some awesome swag, too!


  1. LIFT Polos – This ultra-breathable, technical fabric polo allows our students to stay cool on those hot Indiana summer days. Don’t worry—you get a few just in case you’re behind on laundry.
  2. LIFT Backpack – You need something where you can store all this swag. These backpacks will hold it all plus whatever else you need to get you through your day while flight training at LIFT.
  3. Bose A20 Headset – With the amount of flying you’ll be doing here at LIFT you definitely want a comfortable headset on those ears. The A20s are the best in the business and not only provide comfort but sound cancelling to reduce fatigue. They have Bluetooth technology as well.
  4. E6B Plotter – The E6B is a mechanical computer, commonly referred to as a slide rule. Slide rules like this were used to design the Saturn 5 rocket that took us to the moon. You’ll use this for cross-country flight planning and fuel calculations.
  5. Plotter – You probably thought you were done using rulers back in middle school, but this fancy ruler is going to be an extremely important tool when planning those long cross-country trips.
  6. JeppShades View Limiting Device – We don’t like our pilots to fly blind, but we do like our pilots to know how to fly when mother nature throws some thick fog or low-level cloud conditions at us. This device or “foggles” will be essential to your instrument training.

Students receive an iPad on loan from our IT department for use as their EFB. The EFB, or electronic flight bag, provides our students with flight-planning, weight & balance and aircraft profiles all through the Garmin Pilot app. Among other things, our students use these to study, view important manuals and communicate via email.

We also have additional items available for purchase in our online store including:

  1. LIFT Academy Hat –Snapbacks are a casual part of the LIFT uniform. All students have their choice of that or a golf hat to wear while training or to show off the brand while they’re out and about.
  2. Water Bottle – Staying hydrated is key in all aspects of life, but it’s extra important when you’re bouncing back and forth between altitudes.
  3. Insulated 12 oz. Coffee Mug – Coffee and studying go together like peanut butter and jelly, so no only do you get this killer mug but coffee flows endlessly (for free) at the LIFT hangar.
  4. AND MORE!


Ready for all this awesomeness and more? Our program is growing, and classes start every month. Apply online to get started.