From Puerto Rico to LIFT Academy: Celebrating National AMT Day with Benric Guzman Rivera 

Benric Guzman Rivera moved to Indianapolis, Indiana from Puerto Rico in 2019 after completing his aviation maintenance schooling at PRAMI, a Puerto Rican aviation school. His grandfather, Captain Benjamin Rivera Noriega, inspired him to become an Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT). “[My grandfather] was highly respected and loved by so many that the Benjamin Rivera Noriega Airport in Puerto Rico was named in his honor,” Benric told us. “I may not have followed in his exact footsteps to become a pilot, but I enjoy being a mechanic and being involved in the aviation industry.”

Joining LIFT Academy, Benric was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome and unwavering support he received. “Since the minute I started at LIFT Academy, I felt welcomed, and I knew that accepting the job was the best decision I could make. The entire process, starting with phone interviews when I was still in Puerto Rico to starting as an employee, LIFT was very supportive,” Benric shared. Over four years, he grew not just as a technician but also in leadership, thanks to LIFT’s nurturing environment and a manager who recognized his potential. 

With a long-term goal of working on commercial airplanes, Benric envisioned continuing his journey at Republic Airways, and the transition was seamless. LIFT Academy’s Aviation Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship Program is designed to facilitate such transitions, offering a pathway to a career at Republic upon licensure. Reflecting on his experience, Benric shared, “Republic welcomed me with open arms and in my six months there, I have found even greater enjoyment in my job. Working on commercial airplanes is my favorite part. I must challenge myself in this role, so I continue to learn daily.” 

Benric’s advice to aspiring aviation maintenance technicians is this: “If your job is something you love to do, they say you’ll never ‘work’ a day in your life. If being an AMT is where your passion is, your determination and dedication will help evolve your career to whatever path you desire. Always express your career goals with your leadership team so you can continue to grow support to help you achieve those goals.” 

As Benric’s journey exemplifies, the field of aviation maintenance is not just a job but a passion that offers endless opportunities for growth and fulfillment. On Aviation Maintenance Technician Day and every day, we celebrate the dedication and expertise of technicians like Benric who keep us flying safely and reliably. Their commitment to excellence propels LIFT Academy forward.