LIFT Academy - Choosing the Right Flight School

How to Choose a Flight School

You’ve made the choice to learn how to fly. Yet even with the initial decision complete, there are countless questions you’re hoping to find the answers to. The most important, and often the most difficult decision, is solidifying where you’d like to learn. Here’s what you need to know about flight training programs to ensure you’re making the right choice.


When considering where you want to attend flight school, it isn’t simply about the academy you choose. It’s about where those schools have training facilities, too. Finding a school that is close to home or where you’d like to call home, offers work opportunities while in school and provides an environment with varied terrain and weather is essential to the success of your aviation journey.

LIFT Academy currently offers three distinct location opportunities in Indianapolis, IN, Myrtle Beach, SC and Galveston, TX.


Attending flight school is about achieving goals. How long it takes to reach those goals is a critical factor to consider, as well. For instance, at LIFT Academy, our Republic Airways Career Pathway Program takes 12 to 18 months to complete – a streamlined timeframe to actually getting behind the controls of a commercial aircraft.


You’ve got the dream of being a pilot. Now imagine what aircraft you dream of captaining. Is it one of the latest models that allows you to learn with modern technology? With LIFT Academy, you’re guaranteed training experience on high-end, eco-friendly technologies and systems. Looking into what flight simulators and aircraft you’ll man can make all the difference in your choice of aviation schooling.

Here, you learn on Diamond Aircraft technology in both simulators and aircraft – assuring your setup for success in the modern piloting world.


Schooling is expensive, and making sure it’s within your budget can be a stressful task. Picking a flight school that offers affordable training and sets you up for earning and career opportunities can play a vital role in finding your right fit.

LIFT Academy works to make flight school both affordable and attainable. Not only do our programs provide potential direct career opportunities, but you can also earn while you learn. By becoming a Certified Flight Instructor, you continue to build flight hours while making money.

There are various flight schools around, but that doesn’t mean they offer what you need – or what you’re looking for.

If you’re reading to start your aviation journey at a place fit for you, take our Flight Training Readiness Quiz today.