College Degree or Flight School? How About Both!

The decision can be tough — if you’re looking to become a pilot, many flight schools, including LIFT Academy’s own flight program, offer an accelerated track to earning certifications and gaining flight hours. On the other hand, many people want to become a pilot while also earning their college degree through a two-year or four-year program at a college or university that offers aviation as a track.

At LIFT Academy, we understand the desire to earn a college degree. We also know that you want to start your career as soon as possible. That’s why we developed our College Partnership Program — so you can train with LIFT instructors, fly state-of-the-art Diamond Aircraft and follow LIFT’s accelerated program all while earning the aviation degree you want.

Let’s go over LIFT’s College Partnership Program and why it could be the right track for you.

Partnerships for Flight

As any pilot will tell you, gaining the FAA-required flight hours can take a long time. It can take even longer without access to aircraft, instructors and the time to actually take off. LIFT’s College Partnership Program gives you access to our fleet as well as a strong schedule to encourage flight. Our college partners offer online degrees, which means you can stay close to LIFT’s campus and cut down the commute to class, saving you time and money while training.

Purdue Global and Purdue University’s School of Aviation and Transportation Technology provides LIFT students with a quality education that is affordable and flexible. Students who take advantage of our partnership with Purdue Global can earn their online bachelor’s degree Professional Flight while still taking ground and flying classes with LIFT Academy.

Our partnership with Indiana Wesleyan University offers two different degrees — an Associate of Science in Professional Pilot and a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management. Whether you want your two-year or four-year degree, you have the choice with IWU.

Finally, Ivy Tech Community College Columbus (located in Columbus, IN) offers a Professional Flight Associate of Applied Science degree. This program allows students to pursue an associate degree with Ivy Tech while completing flight training with LIFT Academy.

Choose the Flight Program That Works for You

Each one of our college partners offers an excellent way to work toward a career in aviation. If, however, you are looking to follow LIFT’s defined pathway to Republic Airways, a college degree is not necessary.

LIFT Academy offers two other programs, our Republic Airways Career Pathway Program and our Cape Air Partnership Program, that will put you on our defined pathway to Republic without a college degree. These are the fastest options to start your training immediately and take to the skies. Once you complete the program (in as little as 18 months) you continue to earn your flight hours with the opportunity to earn money as a Certificated Flight Instructor at LIFT.

Train With the Best No Matter What

LIFT’s three program paths set you up for success. No matter which one you choose, you will train with experienced instructors, advanced technology, an accelerated timeline and a defined pathway to Republic Airways. Classes start monthly and we take applications throughout the year for all three of our locations — Indianapolis, IN, Myrtle Beach, SC, and Galveston, TX. Want to know more of what to expect? Take our Flight Training Readiness Quiz — it only takes a few minutes! If LIFT sounds like it’s for you, apply today and begin your journey.