Earning Your Flight Ratings and Certificates

As one of the nation’s most state-of-the-art, comprehensive flight training programs, LIFT Academy teaches a wide range of students. Most students begin with zero or minimal basic aeronautical knowledge. LIFT Academy is proud to offer an affordable, attainable and accelerated program that trains the next generation of commercial airline pilots. Whether you already have your private pilot license or have never stepped foot on a flight deck, our programs offer the best training for your knowledge level.

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Flight Training From Day One

At LIFT, flight training from zero experience through all ratings necessary for commercial airlines can be completed in as little as 18 months for students at our Indianapolis, Indiana campus and as little as 12 months for students in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Once you complete one of our programs and build the minimum number of FAA-required flight hours, you have a defined pathway to a career as a commercial pilot at Republic Airways.

Here is a detailed look at our Republic Airways Career Pathway Program.

To achieve the flight time necessary to become a commercial pilot, you first must obtain your ratings. The first is your private pilot certificate, which gives you the ability to fly by yourself in a very limited fashion. At LIFT, you can obtain your private pilot license in roughly three to four months. It’s also possible to begin training with LIFT after you have already attained your private pilot license.

Next, we continue to teach important skills in ground school and in the skies for two to three months so you can achieve your instrument rating. This prepares you for hazards, inclement weather and more. From here, you can officially take the next step toward your commercial & multi-engine ratings. At LIFT, this means you begin training in our twin-engine Diamond Aircraft DA42.

Finally, you can build hours and work toward your certificated flight instructor (CFI), certificated flight instructor — instrument (CFII) and your multi-engine instrument (MEI) ratings.

LIFT also offers other pathways to becoming a pilot, including our Collegiate Partnership Program and Cape Air Partnership.

Working as a CFI or Flying for a Commercial Airline

Once you achieve your ratings, LIFT offers you two paths to continue training before heading down your defined pathway to Republic Airways.

You can stay and work as a CFI for LIFT Academy, training current students while building hours and earning money. After 12-20 months, you will obtain the necessary flight hours and have the chance to become a First Officer for Republic.

The second option is to become a commercial airline pilot by taking the Cape Air Partnership path and operating passenger flights throughout the Midwest, Montana, the Northeast and the Caribbean. This route can take 24 to 30 months but provides select students with commercial airline experience faster.

What’s the Right Path for You?

Good news — you don’t need to choose your preferred path right away! From day one, LIFT will provide you with the skills you need to succeed, and whichever path you choose can lead to a successful career as a commercial airline pilot. Our team of highly knowledgeable instructors, our state-of-the-art Diamond Aircraft and our defined pathway to Republic all make sure you receive one of the best flight school experiences you can get.

If you have more questions about getting started at LIFT, see our FAQs page or connect with LIFT through our website.