Flows, Checklists and Callouts with Ed

LIFT Academy’s Flight Operations created a library of educational videos for our students while we followed shelter-in-place orders last spring. While students weren’t able to fly during that period, they were encouraged to continue their flight training education, and we used technology to share all the resources they’d need to keep up with their pace of training.


One of the resources that Ed Bagden, LIFT’s Associate Director of Flight Operations and Safety, put together is a video that covers flows, checklists and callouts and how we use them at LIFT. The video is a great look at what training is like at LIFT, showing how we prepare our pilots to fly!


Flows, checklists and callouts are critical in airline flying and will be an everyday part of your life at LIFT Academy, making your transition to the airlines that much smoother!


  • A flow is the basic methodology for running through system checks and setup of the aircraft in varying phases of flight. A flow should be ‘fluid’ and is meant to be a muscle-memory way to set up the aircraft. Flows are memorized and seen as a quick way to run through all of the important and critical checks of an aircraft.
  • A checklist is a short list of essential items that must be checked for flight safety. Checklists ensure that the safety of the aircraft is maintained, and all checklist items are checked off by the pilot to confirm that they are done and the aircraft and pilot are ready for flight.
  • Callouts are clear and precise communication among crew members and are essential for maintaining awareness and maximizing the safety of flight. They are used to give a command, delegate a task, acknowledge a command, initiate or complete the transfer of information, ask a question, call out a change of indication, identify a specific event, etc.


Watch this 11-minute video on how our students are taught flows, checklists and callouts and put them to use for each and every flight!


LIFT DA-40 Cockpit Image

Download cockpit image here.