From Air Force to Airline Training

As I was finishing my six-month deployment with the 379th Expeditionary Civil Engineering Squadron with the US Air Force, I knew flight training was going to be my next step when I entered the civilian world. Once I heard about LIFT Academy, I started researching the program right away and completed the application, so I was ready to interview once I got back home.

I didn’t waste any time, either. I returned from my deployment on January 29, 2019, interviewed with LIFT on February 1 and started flying at LIFT on April 1 (no joke). And this week, I’m scheduled to take the Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) check ride.

The transition from the military to a civilian flight school was wonderful. A lot of the habits I formed from the military proved to be excellent and resourceful traits in an accelerated learning environment, which LIFT is. Things such as situational awareness, punctuality and self-discipline have helped me keep up with the flight training timeline–and in some cases, beat it (I completed the commercial license in 84 days)!


LIFT is a very military-friendly place, too. I’m still in the Air National Guard, and LIFT is accommodating when I need to take time off from flight training to attend drill or AT. Many of the instructors, students and staff are prior service members, and it’s always interesting to connect with them by swapping stories. LIFT’s admissions team has been reaching out to several military bases to recruit troops coming off of active duty, and that really fires me up. I’m proud to be at a flight school and ultimately an airline that legitimately supports the troops!

Lastly, I think LIFT is one of the premier flight schools in the country. While LIFT is still going through the process of being GI Bill eligible, it should definitely be a place that all prospective students consider. It’s awesome to fly brand-new airplanes out of Indianapolis International Airport (IND) with a fun and motivated group of people. A job with Republic after is just the icing on top!

If you’re in the military and are considering a future in aviation, talk to one of LIFT’s admissions team members to see if LIFT is right for you, and then apply!