LIFT Academy flight school students on the beach

Students are Taking Flight in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

LIFT Academy expanded operations to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in January 2023, providing aspiring pilots in the southeast region with accessible and affordable flight training.   

LIFT Academy stands out from the rest with its cutting-edge technology and specialized training efficiencies. Our fast-track program will get you in the air quickly and cost-effectively, and upon completion, you’ll be ready to take on a career as a Republic Airways pilot with an unbeatable quality of life. 

Students training in Myrtle Beach have the special opportunity to both work and study at the LIFT Academy Aviation Center located in The Market Commons. This space provides a variety of resources for prospective and current students, staff and the local community. For students, the space contains advanced and immersive flight simulation training devices as well as classrooms for individual or group study.

In addition to educational opportunities, students have the chance to work part-time and be paid while working the retail space which offers LIFT Academy branded merchandise for purchase. Customers can discover more about LIFT Academy through interactive kiosks and by talking to the students working in the retail space. Retail customers can explore a selection of gift options as well as experience our interactive flight simulators. 

LIFT Academy is throwing the hangar doors open for those who didn’t think becoming a pilot was possible. To learn more about our flight training programs, visit the Flight Programs page on our website. To get started on your journey to a career as a commercial airline pilot, apply today!