Students Fly South for the Winter

With winter on approach, LIFT Academy students in Indianapolis have taken off to warmer regions to continue their flight training at our new locations in Myrtle Beach, SC and Galveston, TX through our Winter Operations Program. This opportunity not only allows students to train in warmer weather but also experience different topography. 

With the addition of two more LIFT Academy campuses in 2023, students can broaden their aviation skills beyond just flying. LIFT Academy’s Myrtle Beach campus boasts the first of its own LIFT Academy Aviation Center, a place designed for work study and maneuver training on various flight simulators. 

With Galveston now on board, LIFT proudly boasts three main campuses which is officially open and eagerly welcomes its first class and students participating in the Winter Operations Program this December. 

Over the course of the winter months, LIFT Academy anticipates that over 100 students will benefit from the relocated winter flying.

Are you ready to become a commercial airline pilot? Take to the skies at one of our three locations in the new year! Click here to apply now.