Why Fly for a Regional Airline?

If you’re not currently in the aviation industry, you may not know the difference between a regional and major commercial airline. To make it more confusing, many shorter flights branded Delta, American or United may actually be operated by a regional carrier like Republic Airways.

Here are some things to consider if you are starting your aviation journey or are interested in training to become a commercial airline pilot, including who to fly for and how to get there.

Here at LIFT Academy, we’re a wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings Inc., one of the nation’s largest regional airlines partnering with American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines. Republic and our crews operate more than 900 flights daily to cities in the US, Canada and the Caribbean. Let’s go through the benefits of starting at a regional airline and why LIFT Academy could be an excellent way to get there.

Airline-Specific Training

There are numerous flight schools across the country. Most accredited schools will help you gain the FAA-required certifications, licenses and flight hours to eventually become a commercial airline pilot. The problem is that many of these schools don’t have a specific airline partnership — once you graduate, you could be left on your own to begin applying for and finding the right position. Some programs, LIFT Academy being one of the first, have strategic partnerships with specific airlines to get you ahead post-graduation.

LIFT students train for a position at Republic from day one. That means every part of your education prepares you for a future career as a commercial airline pilot. Our accelerated timeline gets you in the air faster and when you graduate you have a defined pathway to the flight deck and a rewarding career.

Regional Airline Benefits

If your eventual goal is to become a pilot-in-command at a larger airline, there are still benefits to starting with regional — or even staying regional for your whole career.

Regional airlines like Republic operate out of a limited number of hubs across the country. Flights are shorter with more departures. Unlike major airlines that fly cross-country or intercontinental flights, regional airlines keep you closer to home and your home hub. This is not to say you don’t get to experience new places, but you have a different work-life balance.

The need for regional airline pilots is also increasing dramatically. With this demand for experienced pilots, those who graduate from airline-specific flight training programs like LIFT Academy can stand out amongst the crowd. Once you land your career at Republic, you get to experience all the benefits of being a pilot, including travel, time off, a great salary and a starting bonus. And there’s no better view from the office.

How to Start Your Training

There’s never been a better time to begin training for a career at a regional airline. LIFT Academy offers an affordable, attainable and accelerated flight training program that prepares you for a career in aviation. We accept applications throughout the year and classes start monthly at each of our three locations. Whether you prefer Indianapolis, IN, Myrtle Beach, SC, or Galveston, TX, you’ll get access to the instruction and flight time you need to advance quickly.

Take our Flight Training Readiness Quiz to see if LIFT is right for you and apply today!