LIFT Academy student and instructor in flight deck

Your Pathways to Becoming an Airline Pilot

LIFT Students Have Options

Through our Republic Airways Career Pathway Program, you can go through one of two paths on your journey to Republic. One option takes you through our Cape Air Partnership. This gives you the option to fly as a First Officer for Cape Air as a commercial airline pilot, operating their passenger flights throughout the Midwest, Montana, the Northeast and the Caribbean.

Another option for graduates is to stay at LIFT Academy and work as Certificated Flight Instructors, or CFIs. CFIs train other students while quickly earning flight hours in our Diamond Aircraft single- and twin-engine planes. Let’s dig in more and discover why becoming a CFI is both helpful for your aviation journey and a good chance to earn money and hours while you continue your training.

The Benefits of Becoming a CFI

As a CFI at LIFT, not only are you progressing toward your career, but you’re also making money, earning flight hours and providing invaluable training to the next generation of commercial airline pilots.

Certificated Flight Instructors are teachers — once you earn your rating, you can begin taking LIFT students into the skies, helping them understand the basics while honing your aviation skills. First, you earn your CFI rating, where you can officially lead flights in a single-engine aircraft.

Then, you earn your CFII, or Certificated Flight Instructor — Instrument, where you can teach the ins and outs of aircraft instruments and perform various instrument tests with students. Once you earn those hours, then you must obtain your Multi-Engine Instructor rating, or MEI. With an MEI, you can train students with LIFT’s Diamond Aircraft DA42 twin-engine aircraft.

The Path to First Officer

In order to become a commercial airline pilot, you build your flight hours to the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) requirement of 1,500 hours. Working as a CFI is almost an extension of your training at LIFT Academy where you build hours, work as a flight instructor and work toward your career at Republic.

Once you achieve your 1,500 flight hours, LIFT Academy offers our CFIs an exclusive interview with Republic Airways, where you will have a defined pathway to start as a First Officer.

LIFT Academy is one of the nation’s premier accelerated flight training programs. If you’re looking to become a commercial airline pilot, we offer a comprehensive flight plan that will get you in the skies faster. When you continue your career with us as a CFI, you can also earn money, gain flight hours and prepare to achieve your goal through a clear pilot path — all with our state-of-the-art aircraft, knowledgeable staff and defined pathway to Republic.

If you have further questions or want to join the LIFT team as a CFI, please visit our website and get in touch with a LIFT representative!