LIFT Academy Announces Partnership with Vertex Solutions on Virtual Reality Flight Simulators

LIFT Academy is proud to announce its partnership with Vertex Solutions to integrate Vertex Immersive Training Devices (ITDs) into its aviation training curriculum. This exciting collaboration is set to revolutionize the future of aviation training. 

ITDs are virtual reality flight simulators that provide an immersive training environment, which has been proven by the United States Air Force in its Pilot Training Next initiative to drive significant improvements in efficiency and learning. By incorporating ITDs into its training program, LIFT Academy is poised to increase information retention and provide students with a high value training experience, enabling them to achieve their first solo flights in a shorter period of time. 

The immersive, interactive learning environment created by ITDs will eliminate the barriers of traditional flight simulators and prepare pilots for safer, more efficient aircraft evaluations. LIFT Academy’s Director of Operations and Academic Programs, Ed Badgen, notes that “LIFT Academy exudes a spirit of innovation, and our accelerated approach to flight training is a great match for Vertex Solutions’ extended reality simulation devices.” 

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