Q & A with an AME

Aviation Medical Examiners (AMEs) are private physicians (not FAA employees) who have completed FAA training and subsequently have been given authority to perform flight physicals and issue aviation medical certificates. All AMEs can issue 2nd and 3rd class certificates. Senior AMEs also may issue first-class certificates required for airline transport pilots. Flight schools, including LIFT Academy, often require students to obtain a First Class Medical to begin training.

Medical certificate duration is dependent on pilot age, class of certificate and pilot occupation (student, transport, sport pilot, etc.). You can learn more on this government website.

Medical Certification:

  • Prior to your exam: Complete MedExpress form online.
  • Once completed, a confirmation number will be generated. You must bring this confirmation number to your exam. The AME cannot access your MedExpress information without the confirmation number.
  • The exam consists of a general physical, UA, vision testing, hearing testing, vital signs, etc. A First Class Medical exam includes an EKG for pilots beginning at age 35 and annually after age 40.
  • Medications and other medical issues will be discussed with the AME at the time of exam. Prior to exam, information regarding medication use, disqualifying conditions and other medical issues can be located on the FAA’s website.
  • Cost: Exam costs vary with individual AMEs as each AME sets his or her own prices.
  • First Class AME exams with Dr. Keith or Maureen Huff are $110/exam. Additional $50/EKG (if required).

Drs. Keith and Maureen Huff are graduates of IU School of Medicine. Both Dr. Keith and Maureen Huff are Senior AME certified. Combined they have 17 years of AME experience.

Practice location:

Hendricks Occupational Health

1100 Southfield Rd. #1120

Plainfield, IN 46168. 317.839.6200.

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 am- 5:00 pm.

Appointments may be scheduled Monday through Friday and are generally available with one-week notice and often within a few days of requested appointment time.

Happy Flying!

Maureen Huff

Keith Huff