Training for a Career as an Aviation Maintenance Technician

If you tell someone you’re looking for an aviation career, they probably think you mean as a pilot. But who ensures the planes that pilots fly are ready to be in the air? Who services commercial aircraft daily to ensure everything runs reliably, smoothly and safely? The answer: Aviation Maintenance Technicians.

At LIFT Academy, we have a dedicated program to train experienced, professional aviation maintenance technicians, or AMTs. We partnered with the U.S. Department of Labor to create an AMT Apprenticeship Program that takes a holistic approach to training. Here, you can gain the necessary skills to become a skilled technician as well as have a defined pathway to a career at Republic Airways.

How the AMT Apprenticeship Works

Our AMT Apprenticeship Program pairs you with licensed LIFT and Republic Airways maintenance technicians. You receive hands-on training from experts and will be ready to move on to your career at Republic Airways in less than three years.

As an apprentice, you have access to state-of-the-art equipment as well as the opportunity to work on a technologically advanced fleet of Diamond Aircraft that prepares you for your career in aviation maintenance. Some AMT programs limit their apprentices, focusing only on specific parts of an airplane or withholding certain aspects of aviation work. LIFT Academy AMTs work nose to tail on our fleet of Diamond Aircraft and eventually Republic’s fleet of Embraer 170s and 175s.

We take care of our AMT apprentices. The program is paid and comes with full benefits. Once you complete the three years, we offer a defined pathway to Republic Airways where you are prioritized over non-LIFT graduates in the interview process.

Where to Start

To start LIFT’s AMT Apprenticeship Program, you don’t need a specific qualification other than a high school degree or the equivalent. We pride ourselves on a diverse, varied student body who come from many different backgrounds and places. From high school graduates to career changers, as long as you feel up to the task and consider yourself driven or mechanically inclined, our program could be for you.

We prepare you for your future career every step of the way. On top of the three-year timeline, we give you five weeks of prep class to prepare for all testing. This ensures that not only are you experienced in fixing and maintaining aircraft, but also that you are ready to take this on as a lifelong career.

LIFT Academy accepts AMT applications throughout the year. If you’re looking for a rewarding career and a paid opportunity to gain the necessary skills and experience to get there, our AMT Apprenticeship Program is the place to start. Reach out to LIFT here and begin your aviation journey today.